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Are you interested in a work at your home or company The Art Shop offers the choice between buying or our art rental. In this way we want to make it attractive for art lovers to enjoy an original painting or other art expression.

You decide whether you want to buy a work of art or if you choose our interesting art rental. If you choose to borrow an artwork. This goes as follows.

You borrow the artwork of your choice for a minimum period of six months. You pay the monthly 3% of the purchase value of the artwork. Of these 3% 2/3 saved up and the remaining 1/3 is the actual borrowing cost. So you only pay a small fee for borrowing the artwork. The remainder will be saved for you and can at the end of the period art rental be used to purchase any artwork from the entire collection of The Art Shop.

However you decide to change the artwork from the art rental period for another artwork. Then just save through the savings you have built up. In this way, you can purchase a work of art of your choice in the future.

If you want to buy the artwork, you can buy the artwork for the original value minus the savings you have built up.

A practical example

You choose in our gallery a beautiful work of art, for example, of the artist Guy Olivier. With purchase price of € 700, - and chooses to borrow the artwork.

The monthly amount is calculated as follows:
Savings Amount 2% (on purchase price): € 14, -
Lending costs 1% (purchase price): € 7 -
You pay monthly € 21, -

Possible purchase of the work can:
Savings amount after one year is € 168, - (12 x € 14, -)
You pay the remaining amount of € 532, -.
The artwork is now your property.


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    The Art Shop is an art gallery where everyone is welcome. You can come for the purchase or rental of works of art. Our collection includes a wide selection of various works by nationally and internationally known, but also less famous artists.


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    Are you interested in a work at home, we offer the choice between buying or our art rental. You can do this quickly and easily online. Of course you are always welcome to visit our gallery in Amsterdam.

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